About Us

The United Nations Security Council is today, as it was at the time of its creation in 1945, dominated by its five permanent members – who are endowed with veto rights. However, since that time, the world has changed. With this change have come calls for Security Council reform. Metro UN provides a platform for distinguished alternative voices to put their views forward to the broader UN community on issues related to the UN and the UNSC. 

The continent of Africa is home to the largest group of member states of the UN family: 54 of 193 plus an additional two, which have observer status. Yet Africa’s voice in UN affairs and African concerns are often drowned out by the issues debated in the UNSC. Metro UN attempts to give Africa a stronger voice in front of the UN audience. Media companies in a number of African countries have banded together into a consortium that, subject to Metro UN’s editorial control, will publish articles in Metro UN presenting African issues and concerns.

There are, of course, a number of issues of importance to the international community and the world at large that may not dominate debate in the UNSC and the UN. However, these issues may still impact the security and economic situation of member states. Accordingly, Metro UN will also contain a section espousing views on such issues and subjects.

Metro UN is a biweekly publication targeting the UN community in New York. A sister publication, Metro USA, is the fourth-largest newspaper group in the USA, with editions in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Its antecedents derive from the Swedish-based Metro International Group, which in 1995 launched the first successful free sheet newspaper. In the early 2000s, the Metro International Group was one of the largest newspaper groups in the world, with a daily circulation of 8.5 million copies in over 100 cities in 20 countries. In the course of this publication, and since, Metro has acquired a broad network of contacts at high political and governmental levels in many countries.

There is history to the Metro UN initiative: In the early 2000s, the Metro International Group – in partnership with the World Bank at high levels – established an annual Global Forum in Rome, attended by representatives of some 50 cities from all over the world, for the purpose of furthering international cooperation and peaceful development. Metro UN represents this tradition of public service.

Metro UN, with its Swedish roots, is published in English and French.